Staying Positive

Every experience can be a learning experience, whether you win or lose. Here, IFBB pro Sandi Forsythe talks about keeping a positive attitude no matter what the outcome.

June 17, 2013
Staying Positive

Okay this week’s blog is inspired by my recent trip to Jr. Nationals in Chicago, which I must say was a great show! Several beautiful girls competed and several new pros walked away holding their heads high; but win or lose each girl put forth the effort, the time, the dedication, and the commitment to standing on stage and displaying their hard work.
So what happens and how do we react when we have invested so much time, effort, and energy into competing and we walk away with no trophy? I have seen one of two things happen: A) not placing how we want to leads us to work harder, drive harder, focus harder, and keep reaching for our goals; or B) we give up. Let me tell you it’s not easy walking away empty handed. I know because I have been there. It’s what we do when we don’t achieve our goals that really defines us and makes all the difference—and this goes for anything in life.

When working towards your personal goals—whether that be to obtain a top placing at a national show or just improve your overall health—don’t get discouraged. Stay positive, keep pushing, and stay motivated to being the best you that you can be. When we depend on our placing in any sport to dictate how we feel about ourselves we can become quickly discouraged.

Find your motivation, your focus, and your drive from within in you and do it for you! If you depend on others for your confidence you will always be let down. Set your goals and dream big and keep working for what you want to achieve.

How do you handle defeat? Another key part of remaining positive and humble is how you handle defeat. Sure no one wants to place last or at the end of the race, but the truth is someone has to be first and someone has to be last. How do you respond when the outcome is not what you expected or wanted? Do you walk away with your head held high and use the feeling as further motivated to push you harder or do you walk away with a poor attitude that only causes you to feel defeated?

A true leader, winner, and positive role model walks away from every event win or lose with their head held high knowing that they will continue to work hard, dream big, and set new goals.

In all athletics we must remember someone wins and someone loses on the day of the event; but this does not define who we are, where we are going, and what attitude we carry away. In every sport enjoy the process, met new people, embrace the experiences, and walk away with your head held high know you always win when you walk away with the right attitude.

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