9 Holiday Gifts He Wants

IFBB Pro Toni Perdikakis gives you a rundown of the nine best gifts for the fit guy on your list

December 12, 2012
9 Holiday Gifts He Wants

Stumped on what to get your guy for Christmas? If you’re wondering what to buy the fit guy on your list, here are my top nine suggestions. Stress less and make holiday shopping easy by keeping this list on hand.

9. A Personalized Weight Belt
If your guy doesn't already have weight belt, or has one that is generic, this is one gift he’ll love. Not only does it enhance performance and protect the lower back by stabilizing the midsection, but also a personalized one will make him feel special as he’s throwing weights around in the gym. Head over to Cardillo, and be sure to tell them I sent you!

8. Underwear
Yes, underwear. It seems too simple a gift, but every guy likes and can appreciate comfortable underwear. Just be sure to buy what he normally wears. Whether he likes boxer briefs, tighty whities, or boxers, stick with what he feels most comfortable in.

7. Massage
Pamper him a little by booking him for a deep tissue, sports or relaxation massage. A massage is the best de-stressing, relaxing, indulging gift you can give him. Plus, you’ll save your own hands!

6. New Kicks
While us ladies love just about any type of shoe, the fit guy in your life will appreciate a fresh, new pair of sneakers for his tough workouts. You’ll want to check his closet to make sure you are set on his shoe size before you head out the door, and be sure to stick with a similar brand.

5. Supplements
Supplements are the perfect gift for the fit guy in your life, and you’ll find everything he could possibly need (while getting the best deals!) at MHPStrong.com and Bodybuilding.com. Some of my personal faves are: MHP Probolic SR protein, MHP Power Pak Pudding, Amino Decanate by MuscleMeds, MHP Acitivite (this multivitamin has a digestive enzyme in it), and MHP Cyclin-GF.

4. Personalized “Coupon” Book
Girls, this is where your creative side comes in. Create coupons for things like a sensual massage, breakfast in bed, or an uninterrupted guys only football Sunday.

3. Towels
Yes, towels. Again, it seems too simple a gift, but most men tend to be really bad at the whole quality linen thing. Grab him a new set of super soft towels, and he’ll thank you every time he gets out of the shower.

2. Car Detailing Gift Certificates
Yes, another simple gift. But ladies, if your guy is taking care of himself (which I know he is if he’s landed a fit chick like you!), then he’s definitely taking care of his car! Although some prefer to wash their own car, every fit guy would be thankful for this gift when he’s too sore from deadlifting to bend down and buff those tires.

1. Subscription to Flex and/or M&F
The best possible gift you could get your man, and one that he will thank you for every month... a subscription to Flex magazine and/or Muscle & Fitness. Trust me, he’s picking it up from the store every month, and nothing would make him happier than to open up the mailbox and see a shiny, new copy addressed to him.

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