Live Your Way

Ever feel like you're living to please everyone else? Here, tips from IFBB physique pro Toni Perdikakis on how to live your way

February 24, 2013
Live Your Way

I feel like it has been forever since I have written a blog for my fit chicks! I think contest prep and life had me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but I finally stopped to write my thoughts down. We sometimes get so busy in life that we forget to stop and smell the roses (or in this case, the grilled tilapia and broccoli!). That tends to be me much of the time—so on the go that I forget to stop and breathe. I’ll be running full steam ahead at 502 miles per hour, and then suddenly I’ll crash. I have learned to embrace the fact that this is who I am, and do my best to work with it rather than try to change it.

We live in a society of “should’s”; you should do this, look like that, or act like her. How about this: you should throw those should’s away with yesterday's trash! Really, who makes the rules here? Last time I checked, we control our destiny. Whether or not we decide to do something, it’s our choice. Surrendering to expectations or desires of others (i.e., the should’s) will only leave you feeling resentful and unfulfilled.

Sometimes you really do have to stop and brainstorm for a while about what it is that you really want. Do you want a different career? Do you want to get in shape? Do you want to be better with time management? Do you want to learn how to cook? Then you have to map out the steps to get there, and that literally means you grab a piece of paper and some markers and get drawing. Sure, it may sound juvenile but that's how we were taught as children to develop ideas, and right now you need to develop a game plan.

Now that you’ve written down what it is that you really want, think about all of the parts that go into your decision. Are there independent and dependent factors? Are there people that could help or mentor you? Are your goals realistic and feasible? Nothing is worse than working towards something that doesn't really exist. Take, for example, that "perfect" booty you’re working toward in the gym. Who's the judge of what “perfect” is? Only you! Perfection doesn't exist; it’s all about perception. Love your body. Love your life. Love yourself for who you are.

They say that no one can be you better than you, besides every one else is taken. Learn to pick goals based on where you are in life and where you are headed. Always have a vision, or a "bigger picture," then create small goals that will build upon each other and lead you in the right direction. Forgive yourself. You will fall down, mess up, take steps backwards, and do things that were nowhere near the plan or the mapped out steps, but that's OKAY! Maybe that was the universe trying to lead you in a different direction or just make things exciting. Everything happens for a reason. Easier said than done, but it boils down to sometimes seeing a loss as a loss, picking your head up, and just moving on. Everywhere we have been, good or bad, has gotten us to where we are today. It may have been ugly, amazing, totally "off" or completely beautiful, but together it makes up who you are today. You are amazing, one of a kind, and unique. There is no one out there like you, so embrace it and appreciate where you have been. Make a plan for where you are going. Great things lie ahead; now go out and get them!

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