New Year, New Goals

This year, dig a little deeper when it comes to New Year's Resolution. Simply taking the time to reflect and figure out your whys will kick-start goal-setting success

December 30, 2012
New Year, New Goals

Now that Christmas is behind us, reality begins to set in. Another year is upon us. That means this is a perfect time to reflect on all of the blessings of 2013. Sometimes we don't see certain things as blessings, especially at the time. But after the fact, there is always a lesson to be learned.

Life has a funny way of throwing situations at us, but everything happens for a reason. Somewhere in that big mess is something that will make us grow and be better versions of ourselves. As a trainer, right about now is when I start to receive all of those emails, texts, and phone calls from clients. Things like: i>I am so ready this time; I really want to do this; and, I will not let anything get in my way. My response? I knew you could do it all along; you are the one that told yourself you couldn't.

We all have those little demons that tell us that we can't, that we’re not good enough, or we’re not pretty enough; it is up to you to listen to that voice or tell it to hit the road!

I am definitely not an easy trainer to deal with. I rarely (okay, more like never) sugarcoat anything. I call it like I see it. If you could be working harder, I tell you. If you are looking for the “magic” meal plan, texting me every single day asking for a change because your plan apparently isn't working, I sure do let you know. I am hard on my clients, because I truly believe in them. That doesn’t mean that every person looking to get in shape is going to step on stage. Some people simply have different goals. But if they have goals and dreams, then we have something to work with!

All of us hard trainers already know we are going to see the “resolutionists" pile into the gym come January. And we known the gym will be crowded, likely with people that we have never seen before. So will it get annoying that you have to wait for your treadmill by the window that you use every day at 6 pm sharp? Of course! But guess what? You were that "resolutionist" at one time, too. Though it may not have been in January, at some point in your life you made the decision to make fitness and health your lifestyle. And as easy as it is to give one of those new faces an eye roll, maybe you could change their lives simply by making them feel welcome. Because chances are, they’re feeling a little out of place and are fighting their own demons, too.

Every year, I try to make resolutions. I don't really pay attention to physical resolutions, like losing ten pounds or bringing up my shoulders. Instead, I try to go a bit deeper. I’ll look closely at those physical resolutions that come to mind, and then I’ll dig deeper to find the reasons why. For example, if I gained ten pounds and now resolve to lose them, I’ll ask myself things like: was it due to emotional eating, or maybe I packed on pounds because of a new relationship? Or maybe I didn’t pay attention to certain body parts because my training hasn't been balanced? Ahhh balance… that one hits a soft spot with me, and quite possibly does the same for every woman on earth.

A lot of great things happened to me this year. I grew as a person, along with growing my business. I achieved Pro status, which was a huge accomplishment. And I worked hard to learn not to sweat the small stuff and to look out for myself. Although some people feel I was being indifferent or selfish, I did what I needed to do for me. And let me tell you, that felt really good! As women, we never want to be selfish, but looking out for you comes with the self-love. I know looking forward to 2013, I want to continue to improve and find more balance in my life. I definitely tend to hide in my warm little house with my pups rather than hitting the social scene. I want to broaden my horizons, and do things I am scared of. Lululemon's manifesto includes "do one thing a day that scares you". I don't know if I will go that far, but I definitely have some fears to conquer, and some include just allowing myself to be and to succeed!

I hope that all you fit chicks reflect on your 2012 with a smile on your face for the lessons learned, and that you are looking forward to an incredible 2013, full of health, happiness, love, muscle and fitness!

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