Social Media Can Help You Get Fit

You can snag a lot of helpful fitness and weight-loss tips on social media. Here, Toni shares her favorite pages that you should follow in 2013

January 29, 2013
Social Media Can Help You Get Fit

If you are friends with any of the fitness types on social media, I am sure your news feeds are flooded with inspirational quotes and images. Many of these positive messages can help get you going on even the worst of days. Some days that's exactly what I need, so I’ll get on the stairs for my cardio and peruse my news feeds for something to light my fire. You’ll also find many knowledgeable people on these platforms. Some share recipes, others provide workouts, and some let you in on secrets to help keep your diet and training routines fresh. All great information—especially if you’re new to the fit lifestyle.

Not everything you read on your Facebook and Twitter has credibility behind it, however. You’ll most certainly come across pioneers of some crazy diet “X” or diehards of a wacky training style known as “Y”, and these people will try to force their ideas down your throat. If you come across something that sparks your interest, you should take care to investigate the source/person to make sure it is valid and reliable.

Many good sources of information about nutrition and training are available. For example, magazines such as Muscle & Fitness Hers provide a plethora of great nutrition and training information on their website and social media channels. Many athletes (amateur or pro level) also like to share innovative ideas or things that have worked for them. I have a couple personal faves that are my go-to athlete pages for new workout and nutrition ideas, and some that I find just help motivate me in everyday life.

NPC News Online always has videos of NPC and IFBB athletes who are just overflowing with awesome ideas for the gym.

The Oddo's Angels Facebook page shares daily motivational images, and somehow I find they always seem to be relevant to me on that particular day.

Both IFBB figure pros Nicole Wilkins and Erin Stern share great videos, ideas for new routines, and in-depth answers to many fan questions.

You just never know what someone else's thoughts or ideas could lead to. For example, I watched a few of Fighter Diet Pauline Nordin’s videos, and the information she provided actually made me realize the importance of refeeds. I also got some good information that caused me to change up my booty training.

I remember reading about the Paleo lifestyle from posts that Allison Moyer put up on her Facebook page. Though I don't follow Paleo, I did do a little more research and found that I have an allergy to grains. Since removing them from my diet, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my energy levels and chronic sinusitis.

When it comes to social media, everyone has influence. Look past the negative who use social media as an outlet to criticize and bash others (most times trying to be sneaky without actually mentioning their names, of course), the flat out weird ones who use it for their unsettling obsession with someone (tattooing name of athlete on face ring a bell, anyone?!), and what you’ll find is that there really are some great idea and useful information out there. A good rule of thumb when you’re looking at the info in front of you is to identify the point or idea, and then look out for the "you should do this because I do" words. When someone is posting just to share, or to give you tips based on what has worked for him or her, then it’s most likely just an innocent “thought you would like to know” post.

Back in the day, before social media existed, you would simply go up to the fit person in your gym and ask for advice or insight. Now, social media makes it easy to get tips from some of your fave athletes or other role models. Their knowledge is right at your fingertips; take advantage and learn but be smart and selective. A willingness to learn from others can actually open your eyes to something you never thought imaginable. The possibilities are endless.

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