Reebok FitList App Launches on Spotify

New app creates personalized workout playlists fusing fitness, technology, and music

September 20, 2012
Reebok FitList App Launches on Spotify

(BOSTON, MA—September, 20 2012) Have you ever heard the perfect song while you were working out? A song that helps you push a little harder or run a little faster? If you’ve experienced that moment, you know the power that music can bring to your workout – and now Reebok has launched a new app on Spotify – Reebok FitList – that gives you the perfect music for your workout. To celebrate the launch, Reebok has created 100 limited edition Reebok FitList boxes that will hold a pair of RealFlex Transition 2.0 shoes featuring an exclusive colorway just for the occasion.

Users of the Reebok FitList app can generate a playlist for every workout they do simply by selecting their workout activity, timeframe, intensity level and favorite artists. A Reebok FitList takes into account a variety of factors, including BPM, danceability and energy level, to serve up a personalized list for each workout. This ensures listeners are both motivated in their workout and discover new artists at the same time. People can also share and vote on playlists, and the “Top 50” user-generated playlists are constantly updated in the app. The app also offers playlists exclusively created by Reebok-sponsored athletes and artists including Jordin Sparks, Eli Manning, Tara Stiles, and Rich Froning.

To accompany the application, Reebok took a unique approach to the standard shoebox packaging with some limited edition Reebok FitList boxes. Reebok’s FitList Box is a functional take on an athletic sneaker box from a leader in fitness technology. Designed and handcrafted by Pittsburgh-based technology studio, Deeplocal, the individually numbered and hand-assembled Reebok FitList Boxes are interactive speaker systems with LED lights that glow in rhythm to music and ambient sound. Users can plug-in their music players to blast their workout playlist while the LED lights pulse with the beat.

“At Reebok, we aim to change the way people perceive, define and experience fitness. Your music is crucial to your workout and has to be inspirational and motivational to help you enjoy staying fit and active,” says Viktoria Wallner, Reebok’s VP of Global Brand Marketing Communications. “We also recognize the importance of sharing and engagement, and wanted a platform where users could interact with each other. As a brand, Reebok has consistently pushed technological boundaries, so collaborating with Spotify to execute this project was a natural fit.”

Music discovery agency Hunted Media, music intelligence service The Echo Nest and Spotify’s industry-leading music library combine to fuel the Reebok FitList app.

Beginning September 20th, the Reebok FitList Boxes will be on display at Reebok Fit Hub in New York City. Later this fall, people will be able to purchase one of these limited edition pairs of Reebok RealFlex Transition 2.0. These lucky individuals will receive the shoes in a Reebok FitList Box, along with six months of Spotify Premium membership at no additional charge. Terms and conditions apply. Follow @Reebok on Twitter for updates on when the shoes will be available for purchase.

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