2013 Team Universe Championships

Results for the 2013 Team Universe Championships Fitness, Women’s Physique, Figure, and Bikini divisions

July 7, 2013

This weekend the Muscle & Fitness Hers team headed to Teaneck, NJ to the 2013 Team Universe Championships and the competitors came out in full force! With over 60 IFBB Pro Cards on the line, this competition boasted over 700 competitors (including crossovers) with 19 in Fitness, 60 in Women’s Physique, 204 in Figure, 143 in Men’s Physique, 90 in Men’s Bodybuilding, and 193 in Bikini. After a combined 10+ hours of prejudging between Friday and Saturday, top 5 in each class were announced on Saturday night in the Teaneck Marriott main ballroom, and over 60 competitors walked off of the stage with newly granted IFBB professional status. The Overall champions and the top 5 in Open Fitness, Women’s Physique, Figure, and Bikini and classes are as follows:

Overall Champions (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
Fitness: Irene Nunn
Women’s Physique: Shawna Pringle
Figure: Simone Maybin
Bikini: Carolina Silva

*In the cases below where you see (*Earned IFBB Pro Status) next to the name of a 3rd place winner, it is because the 1st or 2nd place winner already earned IFBB Pro status by placing 1st in Masters, thereby making the 3rd place winner in Open, eligible for professional status.

Open Fitness A
1st Amanda Morris (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Kelcie Gahley (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Melissa Pretty
4th Stacy Curcio
5th Kennedy Hilgers

Open Fintess B
1st Irene Nunn (Earned IFBB Pro Status & Overall)
2nd Viko Newman (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Stephanie Yu
4th Kristine Duba
5th Lauren Pierce

Open Fitness C
1st Molly Wichman (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Debbie Sizemore (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Meredith Miller
4th Venus Ramos
5th Kelley Durbin

Open Women’s Physique A
1st Tonya Shull (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Cameo Braun (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Kari Hartmann (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Melissa Trahan
5th Victoria Flores

Open Women’s Physique B

1st Alicia Spearman (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Orlandina Balan (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Jessica Perales (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Sheila Mettler
5th Jill Livoti

Open Women’s Physique C
1st Shawna Pringle (Earned IFBB Pro Status & Overall)
2nd Jayla McDermott (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Krysta Enchill
4th Vicki Diaz
5th Mercy Gonzales

Open Women’s Physique D
1st Roxie Beckles (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Dona Pohl (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Gail Smith
4th Amanda Kinnard
5th Elaine DeLuca

Open Figure A
1st Kim Clark (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Maria Aracena (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Laura Belew (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Devin Hockensmith
5th Paulina Gialanella

Open Figure B
1st Tarah Mitchell (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Denise Rose (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Edith Driver (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Trisha Fleischer
5th Hannah Huchton

Open Figure C
1st Jennifer Cordoza (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Tiffany Howard (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Chioma Uwasomba
4th Karen Noorlun
5th Adrianne Mora

Open Figure D
1st Simone Maybin (Earned IFBB Pro Status & Overall)
2nd Melissa Smith (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Robynn Europe (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Marcee Renee
5th Selena Pons

Open Figure E
1st Alissa Parker (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd MayLa Ash (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Laurel Bickord (*Earned IFBB Pro Status)
4th Kimberly Doehnert
5th Chelsey Young

Open Figure F
1st Shawn Hektor-Lewis (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Diana Schnaidt (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Heather Sumpter
4th Dona Pohl
5th Jessica Curry

Open Bikini A
1st Ashriel Osgood (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Kamilah Powell (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Sarah Brown
4th Amira Lamb
5th Michelle Vila

Open Bikini B
1st Carolina Silva (Earned IFBB Pro Status & Overall)
2nd Sana Shah (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Deborah Goodman
4th Maria Isabella Ferrari
5th Margaret Nawracaj

Open Bikini C
1st Ana Delia De Iturrondo (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Angeles Burke (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Jacqueline Solomon
4th Barbara Gonzalez
5th Lindsay Oxford

Open Bikini D
1st Stephanie Mahoe (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Denita Clark (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Justine Moore
4th Stacey Naito
5th Tyesha Hill

Open Bikini E
1st Jessica Chuckran (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Michelle Minks (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Brittany Adams
4th Asia Schroeder
5th Taylor Spadaccino

Open Bikini F
1st Asia Mendoza (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
2nd Callie Bundy (Earned IFBB Pro Status)
3rd Rachel Cables
4th Holly Elizabeth
5th Michelle Capraru