Hers Girl: Ali Lee

How this singer and dancer stays strong and energized—and why balance (and steering clear of pizza and ice cream) are the keys to her gorgeous physique

May 3, 2013
Hers Girl: Ali Lee

After bursting onto the Atlanta nightlife scene as a dancer, Ali Lee was quick to turn her talent into stardom, joining the girl group Blaze Blah. However, she ulti- mately left the group to start a solo career, with her first single launching in 2011 and climbing the FMBQ charts to reach No. 23 in three weeks. Singing and dancing onstage may be enough exercise for some pop stars, but Ali takes it to the next level with regular workouts and gym routines that help her look and feel her best both onstage and off.

Q. How important is staying in shape for your career?

A. Being in shape is a necessity for my career, but I personally keep my body at a certain level because I believe being fit is the key to having a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I always aim to maintain a nice shape, career or no career, but since I’ve taken my workouts up a notch my endurance has skyrocketed. My muscles don’t tire nearly as quickly as they used to!

Q. How many times a week do you work out?

A. I work out every day, and if I can’t get to the gym, then my goal is to break a sweat any way I can. Sometimes I jump rope and call it a day. Whatever I can do to expend energy is a good thing. When I’m getting ready for a shoot, I’ll work out twice a day and skip the ice cream and pizza.

Q. What are some of your favorite exercises or classes?

A. My favorite thing is called the VibePlate, and you actually exercise on it. It vibrates at high speeds, and what makes it such an amazing piece of equipment is that you have to use every muscle in your body to balance. I use the VibePlate to do squats, pushups, bands, and everything. I even rehearse my choreography on it! It takes even the hardest workouts to the next level.

Q. How do you balance your life between family, friends, career, and staying fit?

A. It’s hard to find that balance, especially with a crazy travel schedule, but when something is important to you, you figure it out. Sometimes one area of my life may take precedence over another, but it all comes together as long as you remain conscientious about your priorities.