Success Story: From Chubby To Champion!

A stranger’s rude comment made Amanda Freeseman get serious about transforming her body. Seventy-three pounds later (and leaner!), her sleek physique helped her meet the MaxFormation Life Challenge—and win $25,000!

March 4, 2013

Amanda TransformationIt’s the earth-shattering comment women subconsciously fear: when a stranger excitedly mistakes some extra pudge for a pregnancy. In late October 2011, 27-year- old Amanda Freeseman, then 6’1” and 223 pounds, got the wake-up call she needed to confront her weight from a well-meaning patron in the bathroom of a Michigan restaurant.

“I was uncomfortable, I knew [that] I didn’t look very good but I didn’t care enough to make a difference,” Amanda says. “I just kept wearing loose, baggy clothes—I was trying to pretend like it wasn’t really there.”

As a high school and college volleyball player, Amanda was always exercising and rarely paying attention to her diet. But, when a torn ACL and meniscus put her out of the game permanently, the extra pounds quickly appeared. Amanda clung to yo-yo dieting for a while but was never able to find long-term success. “It’s crazy how quickly you can put it back on after you’ve been a heavier weight.”

Yo-Yo No More
Fed up with fad diet crazes, Amanda walked into a Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store and entered the brand’s MaxFormation Life Challenge contest, using its $25,000 cash prize as her ultimate motivation to spark lasting change.

rom December to mid-June, Amanda was hitting the gym twice a day, incorporating weight lifting and supplements into her daily regimen, and overhauling her diet with plenty of grilled chicken, veggies, and brown rice.

She was also tracking her progress with a heart-rate monitor and amping up her protein intake with Max Muscle products. “I tried every supplement they had,” she says. “Their protein powder tastes amazing; they have MaxPro protein powder, which is chocolate-flavored, and I would warm it up and have it like hot chocolate pretty much everyday.”

Ultimate Winner
Working toward the contest finish line, Amanda had dropped 53 pounds (in addition to the first 20 she lost before joining the MaxFormation challenge), making her the winner of not only a new body, but the contest as well. The former athlete says she couldn’t have won without her husband Lance’s support, and his help picking up the slack at their Champlin, MN, home.

Amanda is also grateful for the direction she got from Max Muscle employees. “It’s hard, if you don’t know what to do or where to start,” she says. “I think it’s good to get guidance from somewhere.”

An Everyday Effort
Now, Amanda prepares her week’s menu on weekends, and on weekdays she’s up at 4:45 a.m. to hit the gym by 5:30 a.m. for an hour and a half before heading to work as a social media coordinator and project manager at the marketing firm Pro/Phase Marketing.

She is also endlessly setting new goals for herself, and is now exploring fitness competi- tions to enter in the spring. She says she loves showing off her long, newly toned legs and even enjoys doing the endless lunges and squats it takes to get them!

Amanda also stayed motivated by sharing her journey digitally with friends and family, posting photos as proof of her success. “Because I was journaling online,” she says, “It would’ve been more embarrassing if I gave up in front of everybody.”

*For information on how to enter Max Muscle’s MaxFormation Life Challenge 2013, and to read about Amanda’s transformation through her blog, visit maxformation.