Success Story: “I’m done with yo-yo dieting!"

Lydia Morgado reveals how she dropped nearly 60 pounds and got into competition-worthy shape

March 10, 2013

Lydia's Transformation"I became a yo-yo dieter after my second child was born,” says Lydia Morgado of her dieting history. “At my heaviest, I weighed 210 pounds. I was so unhappy with the way I looked. I saw a picture that someone took of me, and I looked so big and unhappy that I knew I had to make some changes.” Like many women, her weight-gain problems started with the birth of her first baby. She had maintained a healthy weight before then but ballooned to 180 pounds (she’s 5'6"). And that’s when her dieting trouble really started.

“I tried to lose the weight and got down to 160 pounds,” she says, “but I soon found myself expecting my second child. I got even heavier that time, reaching 190 pounds after his birth. I dieted, started running, and lost some weight, but the lowest I would reach was about 160, and that never lasted for long,” Morgado says. Then she would start gaining again. “Eventually I gave up. I just ate and didn’t exercise at all. I bought bigger and bigger clothes until I reached 210. That’s when I said, ‘Enough is enough!'”

Lydia's Sample MenuThe first challenge Morgado faced was changing her poor eating habits. She struggled with a sweet tooth and an inability to say no to cravings. She had become shy as her weight climbed, so joining a gym wasn’t easy. She felt intimi- dated and didn’t know how to use the equipment, so she gave herself a birthday present—sessions with a personal trainer—and started eeing results almost immediately. During the course of the next nine months, the Clifton, NJ, native lost an impressive 60 pounds and trimmed down to a fit and shapely 150 pounds. Morgado also learned the basics of sound nutrition and supplementation, using MHP products to help reach her fitness goals. “I’ve used Dren and Anadrox to help burn fat,” she says. “I also love the Power Pak Pudding. It’s great to take with you when you’re on the go.”

After working with MHP nutrition coach Fabian Orozco, Morgado lost another 20 pounds. But that was only the beginning; her success in the gym inspired her to take her fitness to the next level and compete in a figure contest. She attended the Angela Mraz Fitness Camp in early May to learn the basics of competition and finally entered her first show—the NPC Garden States—in early June. Her reward was second place in Figure Novice and fifth place in the Figure C class.

“Angela is a constant source of inspiration,” Morgado says of her friend and motivator. “She is genuinely beautiful, and she trains hard every day. When I decided to compete in figure, she became my role model. Whenever I needed a boost, her encouragement gave me the push I needed to keep going.”

Sculpting a beautiful body and competing in figure aren’t Morgado’s biggest achievements. Her attitude, has also changed significantly. “I have become a much stronger and more confident person,” she explains proudly. “My co-workers and friends also see a different person. Being part of the MHP Improve Your SELF Image program with Angela has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I also look forward to entering MHP’s ‘One Hot Mother’ Model Search to show off the progress I’ve made. I love the new me!”

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