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April 07, 2014
Spring back into shape with this foolproof plan guaranteed to help you get lean and sculpted. Our diet and exercise revamp will speed your metabolism and help you slim down in just one month. more
April 05, 2014
HERS gives you the bottom line on those pesky yet very necessary carbs. Know and follow these rules, and you’ll sculpt the physique you seek more
March 25, 2014
Need a little help slimming down? These supps help boost your workout and attack body fat so you get the results you really want. more
March 15, 2014
An all-in-one fat burner and energy booster, 1.M.R Vortex is the ideal pre-workout supplement. more
March 13, 2014
This high-tech device not only measures the amount of food you’re preparing, it also calculates its precise nutritional breakdown! more
March 10, 2014
Want a healthy snack that can help you make it through the day without sabotaging your weight-loss goals and muscle gains? Nuts may be the perfect solution. more
March 09, 2014
Whether you’re on vacation, headed out on a road trip, or simply dining somewhere new, you don’t have to slip into cheat mode. A new gener­ation of smart dining apps can help keep your diet clean. more
March 04, 2014
Why buying organic milk may be worth the extra money. more
January 11, 2014
Fight aging, lower cholesterol, and slash pounds with this powerful new ingredient. more
January 11, 2014
Can watermelon help ease the pain after a tough workout? Research weighs in. more