The Glycemic Index: Short Cut to Your Goals

Pare off a few pounds with these five go-to low GI foods

March 6, 2013

Looking to pare off a few pounds? A new study shows that following a diet using Glycemic Index ratings as the determining factors for food choices may be an effective way to lose weight— and keep it off. The Glycemic Index rating basically refers to how quickly a certain food is digested. For example, high-glycemic foods cause a surge in blood sugar, which is followed closely by a crash that stimulates hunger and slows metabolism. In a study that compared a low-carb diet, low-fat diet, and low-glycemic diet, those on the latter burned more calories than low-fat dieters and found the diet easier to stick to long term than a low-carb diet.

Here, five go-to low GI foods:

Low GI Foods