Puff Up Your Protein

Start your day off right with this new protein-packed breakfast option

May 16, 2013
Puff Up Your Protein

Cereal lovers can look forward to a new healthy choice: super-puffffed rice cereal. The standard commercial variety is “puffffed” with a steam extrusion that can destroy heat-sensitive nutrients. But a new way to blow up the grain is transforming the a.m. favorite into a product that’s loaded with a whopping three times the protein and eight times the fiber of the standard variety, as well as important micronutrients like zinc. A recent issue of the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry explained the discovery. The new way to keep the rice healthy uses a process called supercritical carbon dioxide, also long used to make decaf coffee. 
In addition to packing more
 of a nutritional punch,
 the new puffed rice is
also crunchier and 
tastier. The super-grain should start
 turning up on
grocery shelves
 within the next
 few months.