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April 01, 2013
Struggling with diet cravings? Curb your diet sabotage by gargling with lemonade more
March 17, 2013
Those creamy, sweet, and even salty drinks at your favorite coffee chain can be hard to resist—especially on a chilly day. However, keep these numbers in mind the next time you feel your ... more
March 17, 2013
More than just a cute, mini-me of your fave leafy greens, microgreens pack a big nutritional punch more
March 06, 2013
Pare off a few pounds with these five go-to low GI foods more
February 21, 2013
Tired of your usual chicken routine? These low-cal, low-carb ideas are loaded with creative, satisfying flavor. more
February 14, 2013
Here, a look at the new supplements that are gaining momentum among fitness professionals worldwide more
February 08, 2013
If the colder weather and shorter days are giving you cabin (and snacking) fever, consider stocking up on popcorn. more
February 08, 2013
When you think about maximizing muscle, you think protein. But can you get too much? Here, expert Brian Haycock weighs in on how much you need daily more
February 02, 2013
Mouth-watering aromas could have you eating less—and slashing unwanted pounds! more
January 31, 2013
Can a gluten-free diet really help you lose weight? Before you start dodging gluten, read this. more