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May 01, 2014
These chocolate-covered treats taste as good as a store-bought popsicle, but they're packed with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants! more
April 18, 2014
Fill up and burn fat with these great-tasting, metabolism-boosting recipes more
March 30, 2014
Whether it’s a simple supper or a wow-worthy dinner, the real clean-eating star of your kitchen comes from the sea. more
March 16, 2014
These little balls of deliciousness are loaded with protein and fiber! Perfect for an on the go snack to kick your sweet tooth cravings! more
March 10, 2014
Life is easier when you can put all of your meal’s ingredients in one pot. This well-balanced meal emphasizes quality protein, plenty of vegetables and a limited number of steps in its preparation. more
March 08, 2014
Save yourself some time, spare your kitchen the mess and go easy on your hard-earned abs with this fitness-conscious one-pot meal. more
March 06, 2014
A healthy protein-packed alternative to your typical strawberry cheesecake. more
March 04, 2014
A quick, easy lunch recipe packed with protein to fuel your muscles. more
March 03, 2014
A tasty yet nutritionally sound meal that's super simple to make - just throw everything in one pot! more
February 19, 2014
Nothing takes the bite out of an icy cold day like a piping-hot bowl of chowder, chili, or stew—especially after a tough workout. Each of these protein-packed recipes makes for a hearty meal that ... more