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Barbell Curl VS. EZ-Bar Curl

January 12, 2012
Muscles Emphasized Biceps brachii Biceps brachii
(emphasis on short head) (emphasis on long head)
Range of Motion * * * * * * * *
Weight Used * * * * * * *
Pro Allows heavier weight to be used Places better focus on on the long head
Con Can stress wrists May have to reduce weight slightly

We know you're not looking for big arms, but who doesn't want to build a nice, defined biceps? To do that, you'll want to work on your biceps peak, which is made up primarily of the biceps long head--the outer head of the two biceps heads.

EZ-bar curls place more focus on this head thanks to the slight inward turn of the wrist They're also great to do if using a straight bar for barbell curls places too much stress on your wrists. That said, variety is the key Using the straight bar can help you place more focus on the short head (inner) of the biceps for better balanced development.
Winner: EZ-bar curl