Oddo’s Angle: Cable Preacher Curl

Put a little more oomph into your arms with this biceps sculpting move

May 14, 2013

cable curlSTART

1/ Place a preacher bench in front of a low-pulley cable station with a cambered bar attached.

2/ Sit on the bench with the top of the pad securely under your armpits, feet flat on the floor.

3/ Grasp the bar with a shoulder-width, underhand (palms up) grip, arms parallel to each other flat on the bench.


4/ Contract your biceps to bring the bar as high as possible without allowing your elbows to lift off the pad or flare out.

5/ Squeeze for a count at the top, then slowly lower back to start, stopping just short of full extension.

6/ Repeat for reps.


> Keep your upper arms pressed firmly against the bench to avoid assisting muscles taking over the movement.

> Align your arms with your shoulders, and ensure your elbows don’t flare out as you bring the bar up.


> Round your back. Keep your abs tight, chest up, and head straight throughout the entire range of motion.

> Lock out your arms at the bottom of the movement; you’ll take the tension off the biceps and increase your risk for injury.

This isolation exercise can be performed seated or standing, and both have their advantages. If you’re looking for a more challenging biceps routine, switch between the two variations from week to week, or try doing the one-arm version using the D-handle attachment.

Exercise                                Sets                Reps
Barbell curl                              3                   10-12
Single-arm dumbbell curl        3-4                 8-10
Cable preacher curl                3-4                 8-10
Seated hammer curl               3-4                 8-10