Make over the pulldown

Uncover a strong, streamlined back with just one move.

February 19, 2009
Make over the pulldown

Nothing says strength like sculpted back muscles. And no wonder, since your lats and other spinal muscles generate the power from which the rest of your body moves. Shake up your back routine by substituting the single-arm pulldown for its bilateral cousin. The one-sided action challenges your body and mind (you may have to concentrate a bit more), helping you sculpt a back that's buff and ready for action. Get ready to pull one over.

Start: Attach a single-grip handle to the upper-pulley cable and select your desired weight. Extend your arm and grasp the handle. Kneel at the base of the cable machine, facing the weight stack with your knees shoulder-width apart. Keep your arm extended overhead but slightly in front of your shoulders.

MOVEMENT: As you exhale, lower your working arm by pulling your elbow back and toward the floor. Hold, then slowly extend your arm overhead. Repeat for reps, then switch to the other arm.