Dana Linn Bailey’s Total Body Blast

From power cleans to ring pullups to quad-blasting box jumps, these exercises are guaranteed to burn fat, build serious muscle, and get you ripped from head to toe.

February 18, 2013

Taking a cue from the popular CrossFit workout, we asked X-FIT athlete and IFBB physique pro Dana Linn Bailey to demonstrate her version of the total-body circuit. This circuit style workout consists of six exercises, each performed 30 times before moving on to the next one. Time the entire workout to track your progress.

Box Jumps1 BOX JUMPS

For the box jump series, choose a stable box or platform (like a step with 3–4 risers) of approximately 20 inches.

• Stand facing box, about a foot away.

• Using your arms to propel you, jump on the box, landing on the middle of the platform with flat feet (shown).

• Stand up straight on the box, hips facing forward; the move is not complete until hips are fully extended.

• Jump backward off box, landing with feet flat.

Toes to Bar2 TOES TO BAR

This move requires serious core strength and control. Touch your feet to the bar; as an alternative, touch your knees to your elbows.

• Start in a hanging position with hands shoulder-width apart, gripping the pull-up bar; keep lats and shoulders engaged throughout the move.

• Swing legs straight, with control, hinging at hip until they touch the bar (shown).

• Control the move on the way down, keeping shoulders tight and core engaged.