Dana Linn Bailey’s Total Body Blast

From power cleans to ring pullups to quad-blasting box jumps, these exercises are guaranteed to burn fat, build serious muscle, and get you ripped from head to toe.

February 18, 2013

Bar Dips5 BAR DIPS

Do bar dips using the attachment found on a weightlifting rack. Be mindful of your shoulder’s range of motion; going to deep can cause injury.

• Start at the top of your dips, arms fully extended. Feet should be off the ground—bend at knees if necessary (shown).

• Dip until forearms and upper arms are 90 degrees at the elbow; drive up to full extension (shown).

Clean & Jerk6 CLEAN & JERK 


Practicing this move is essential. Don’t overload the weight before you’ve mastered it. Dana is using 95 pounds.

• With feet slightly narrower than shoulder width, use “hook grip” on bar, butt slightly lower than a deadlift stance (shown). Activate hamstrings, pulling bar to midthigh at a medium speed.

• When bar is at midthigh, “explode” your hips to move the bar quickly up your chest (shown). At the same time, dive under the bar and receive it on your shoulders at a quarter squat. Then stand the bar up, fully opening your hips.

• Dip and drive the bar overhead, receiving the bar at a either a quarter squat or split jerk stance (shown). When the bar is overhead, stand it up to complete the movement. Bail the bar or control it down shoulders, to waist, then to floor.

Dana Linn Bailey is a team MHP X-FIT athlete who relies on MHP’s exclusive X-FIT trainer for high-intensity cross-training. Her supplement regimen includes: Morning, Activite Sport Multivitamin (with first meal), ISOFAST 50; afternoon, Power Pak Pudding; pre-workout, X-FIT TRAINER; post-workout, Dark Matter; bedtime, Probolic-SR. BCAA 3300 3 times a day (morning, pre, post), Glutamine-SR (pre, post, bedtime).