Erin Stern: Road to the 2013 Olympia

Follow along as IFBB pro Erin Sterns prepares for the 2013 Ms. Figure Olympia

June 25, 2013

Video 1: Back Training
IFBB pro Erin Stern shows us the moves she uses to sculpt a strong, balanced and beautiful back.

Blog 1: Learning from the Past
The battle for first place is often won or lost in your head, long before you step onstage.

Video 2: Arm Training
IFBB pro Erin Stern shares the challenging workout that’s helping her sculpt beautiful biceps and triceps.

Blog 2: Fuelling Better Recovery
How IFBB pro Erin Stern bounces back faster from intense sweat sessions.

Video 3: Leg Workout
On the way to Olympia, IFBB Figure Pro Erin Stern shows you her leg workout.

Blog 3: Staying on Track
Staying on track with your weight-loss goals often requires planning and reflection. Here, Erin shares how she stays on track during contest prep.

Video 4: Circuit Training
Erin Stern show us how she burns fat and gets into peak condition for the Olympia stage with an intense circuit workout.

Blog 4: Plan for Success
Do you have a plan for the achievement of your goals? If not, you are planning to fail. Plan to succeed.

Video 5: Erin Stern's Depletion Workout
Erin Stern takes you through her depletion workout just days out from the Valenti Gold Cup

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