Toe Turns for Great Legs

November 4, 2011

Every woman wants a set of shapely calves. And one trick you can use to build up both heads of the calf muscle better is to change up the way you point your toes when doing calf raises. A recent study from Armstrong State University confirms that when you turn your toes in toward each other you hit more of the outer head of the calf.

This is known technically as the lateral head of the gastrocnemius. But we just call it the part of the calf that tends to be the most underdeveloped. And the Armstrong State researchers found out why that is. They discovered the inner head of the calf, or medial gastrocnemius, takes on the majority of the load when the toes are pointing forward. Since most women only do calf raises this way, the medial head tends to develop nicely while the lateral head lags. If you have this problem, start your calf raises by doing three sets with the toes pointed in to target the outer calves. Then do three more with your toes pointed forward.