Workout of the Week: Olympia Legs

Figure Olympia champ Erin Stern shares her functional leg workout!

August 31, 2011
Workout of the Week: Olympia Legs

This week, reigning Figure Olympia champ Erin Stern shares one of the workouts that’s built her Olympia legs. The 2011 Figure Olympia is just over two weeks away on September 16 in Las Vegas (click here for more on Olympia Weekend) and Erin is hard at work to defend her title.

Now you can follow along and try out Erin’s “functional” leg workout for yourself. Even if you aren’t planning to get on stage anytime soon, you can still train like the pros! Give it a try and let us know what you think at the M&F HERS Facebook page! Now here’s the workout, straight from the desk of Erin Stern:

A functional leg day is one that will not only help with sports performance; it will also improve your balance by strengthening stabilizers. I use light to moderate weight for this workout and I do another leg workout that is heavier (earlier in the week). I want to focus on executing the exercise correctly and also focus on speed (with speed squats and step ups). Here’s the workout:

3x15 (sets x reps) speed squats, body weight, and use a bench as a guide for depth
3x15 split squats
3x12 single-leg deadlifts, holding a dumbbell
3x15 single-leg standing calf raise on a step, holding a dumbbell in one hand
3x10 step-ups (each leg)
3x20 glute-ham raise

This workout is important for tying the muscle groups together, improving balance, and the unilateral exercises will help strengthen any weakness in the non-dominant leg. It's more important to focus on form, than on the amount of weight lifted. Good luck!

Special thanks to Erin for the great workout. To find out more about Erin, check her out at the following spots:
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