Oddo’s Angle: Bentover Barbell Row

Get your back in tank top shape before the spring hits with this effective exercise.

January 28, 2013
Oddo’s Angle: Bentover Barbell Row

1 / Grasp a barbell using an overhand (palms down), wider-than-shoulder-width grip.

2 / Bend forward from the hips, keeping your torso slightly above parallel to the floor.

3 / Keep your chest up, head in a neutral position, and knees slightly bent.

4 / Pull the bar toward your midsection, bringing your elbows as high as possible.

5 / Squeeze your shoulder blades for a count at the top, then slowly lower the bar until your arms are near full extension.

6 / Repeat for reps.


  • Minimize the amount of momentum you use, or else you risk jeopardizing your posture.
  • Keep your chest lifted at all times to maintain the natural arch of your back.
  • Allow the pull of the bar to stretch your lats in the bottom position.


  • Fully extend your arms; you’ll exhaust your biceps instead of your lats.
  • Drop your head, or you’ll be more likely to round your back.
  • Allow the weight to touch down between reps.

Oddo’s Bonus Tip
Change hand spacing and grips (overhand to underhand) from workout to workout, or alternate with dumbbell or cable rows, to encourage complete back development.