Ana Delia De Iturrondo’s Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

Use this turbocharged cardio routine from Ana Delia De Iturrondo to blast fat fast!

June 15, 2013
Ana Delia De Iturrondo’s Fat-Burning Cardio Workout

Time (minutes) Speed Incline
5 light jog 0
1 sprint 2
2 run/walk 5
1 sprint 5
2 hike 7-10*

Follow each round on the treadmill with 1 minute of burpees, pop squats, or bench step-ups. Alternate between exercises.

*Set incline as high as possible, making sure you don’t hold the handles.

Complete a total of six rounds of the circuit. Do this routine 4-5 times per week, up to 60 minutes each session.

Tip: Try to challenge yourself, this workout shouldn't feel easy. The speed and incline levels can be adjusted to your fitness level. Your goal should be to try not to rest between rounds.

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