Calorie-Blasting Boxing Workout

Step into the ring with IFBB Figure pro Nicole Wilkins for a powerful, high-intensity workout that will get you lean and ripped in just minutes a day

March 10, 2013

Boxers and mixed martial artists are among the best- conditioned athletes on the planet. That’s because their workouts combine strength, speed, stamina, balance, agility, and focus. Result: a knockout body that’s lean and sculpted. We asked IFBB figure pro Nicole Wilkins to demonstrate some of her favorite boxing and kickboxing moves in a fat-blasting workout designed by mixed martial arts strength and conditioning coach Rob Fletcher, founder of America’s Next Great Trainer.

warm-upWARMUP (About 10–15 minutes)
Do each of the following drills for 30–60 seconds; when you finish all three, you’ve done one round. Complete 3–5 rounds.

JUMP ROPE Either with a real rope or an imaginary one, jump in place. Can do regular jumps with feet together, alternate the left foot and right foot, bring heels to butt, or lift knees high while jumping.

JUMPING JACKS Fully extend arms and legs.

JOG IN PLACE Stand tall and bring knees toward hips.