Must Try Moves for... Great Glutes

Your butt isn’t the only body part to benefit from these compound exercises—your hamstrings and hip flexors get into the action, too

July 9, 2013

MUST-TRY MOVE: Duck Walk Cable Pull

WHY IT’S A HIT: “It keeps the glutes under constant tension. It’s also a great aerobic exercise, and works well between sets of other exercises to keep your heart rate up.”

> With the cable pulley set at the lowest position, stand facing away from the cable stack, feet shoulder-width apart.

> Lower into a deep squat position (your glutes should touch the back of your calves), and grasp the rope between your legs.

> Keeping your back straight, start to walk forward, focusing on using your heels to propel you.

> After 10–12 steps, reverse the movement, walking backward to the start position. Repeat for 3 rounds.