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October 27, 2014
Break out the bands and exercise ball when training at home is your only option. But beware: This routine may make you a home-gym convert. more
October 26, 2014
Celebrity trainer and author Harley Pasternak shares the butt exercises that will give you a bootylicious backside more
October 19, 2014
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October 14, 2014
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October 11, 2014
Absolutely everything you need to know about sculpting the sleekest, sexiest, and strongest midsection of your life more
October 09, 2014
Blast mega calories while sculpting your entire body with this jump-rope workout. more
October 01, 2014
Use these exercises to score a tight, toned midsection more
September 28, 2014
Channel your inner exotic dancer and limber up for some fun while getting a serious workout for your arms, back, abs, and legs with this pole routine from Oksana Grishina more
September 27, 2014
Develop crisp definition all over—with stability training! These five exercises challenge less-used stabilizer muscles to keep you centered and under control, so you chisel a gorgeous body. more
September 21, 2014
Whether you’re gearing up for a competition or simply want to get into top shape, this ultimate training guide will help you reach peak condition for your ideal physique. more