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May 15, 2014
Charge up your routine with these fat-sizzling combo moves that target your shoulders, core, glutes, and more while improving flexibility. It’s Carmen Electra’s sexy secret to staying strong, ... more
May 14, 2014
Carve a sexy middle with these core-centric moves from top pros more
April 28, 2014
Whether used for muscle repair, stability management, recovery or enhanced performance, Kinesio tape can be a valuable component in the your fitness toolkit. more
April 26, 2014
The Smith machine is the perfect tool to help you build the body — and the strength — you want. more
April 25, 2014
It takes a lot of hard work to build a six-pack, and in Teresa Anthony’s world, there’s no such thing as a good excuse. more
April 23, 2014
Want the strength and conditioning (and body!) of Icelandic native and CrossFit champion Annie Thorisdottir? Try this workout. more
April 19, 2014
Should you lift heavy weight for low reps or lighter weight for higher reps? Research weighs in. more
April 17, 2014
Five ways to strip away fat this summer—and have fun—by taking your cardio outdoors more
April 14, 2014
Add this training tool to your program to give your strength and conditioning a boost. more
April 11, 2014
Tighten your butt fast with three workouts that will have you ready to show off before summer hits more